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Welcome to Turkmenistan!

Discovering national heritage of Turkmenistan

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About us

Golden sands of the Karakum desert and emerald waters of the Caspian sea, Moon-like craters and Martian canyons, dust covered ancient ruins and futuristic urban landscapes, inimitable culture deeply rooted in superstitions of the nomadic past and genuine hospitality.

Our land is waiting to share its treasures… So are we!

For more than 15 years in a competitive travel business we have been polishing our unique client-oriented style, executing daily tasks with traditional warmth and professional efficiency.

Remaining a company of and for travellers, we have developed and array of activities ranging from sleeping in the wild to exploring centuries-old ruins. Carrying out standard and tailor-made tours, we strive to share the flavour of «authentic Turkmen*

Just taste this flavour!

We believe that as important as sharing expertise is to ensure that the places we visit benefit from what we do. Therefore, we make it a special point to use local resources, employing local guides and transport, co-operating with craftspeople and small enterprises to invest as much as possible into the area we visit.

Even more important is to maintain strict waste-treatment policies, to guarantee that the wonderful sites we visit remain in the same immaculate condition as we first saw them.

Hospitality for us is an essence of life and a way of doing business!

AYAN Travel Team!

AYAN TRAVEL welcomes you to Turkmenistan and is pleased to offer you “Break-away” tours with our professional Tour guides and drivers in Ashgabat and around.

The capital of Independent and Neutral Turkmenistan and the biggest city Ashgabat is the crown of the architectural development of the country and Central Asia. The layout and constructions of the city absorbed elements of centuries old Turkmen, Persian, Greek, and Islamic traditions and modern practicality.

Besides Ashgabat, Turkmenistan is ready to offer scores of other architectural and archaeological gems dating to consecutive historical periods from 6000 BC to the present day, such as UNESCO World Heritage sites of Old Nissa, Ancient Merv, Kunya-Urgench and many other historical and natural sites.